Energy Performance International Inc.™ Finalizes the Sale of the Licensing Rights for the Philippines

Energy Performance International Inc.™ has finalized the sale of the Licensing Rights for the Philippines to a high profile investor group of seasoned entrepreneurs.



Energy Performance International Inc.™ is pleased to announce the finalized sale of the
Licensing Rights of EPI Technology for The Philippines to high profile investor group. The
Philippines investor group are very impressed with the EPI Technology and the fast Return on
Investment it affords EPI customers. With extremely high electricity costs, tropical climate and
extensive corrosion problems, The Philippines is one of the best markets in the world for the EPI

“We couldn’t be more excited and impressed with our new EPI – Philippines partners. They are
certain to bring an incredible amount of attention and acclaim to EPI and the worldwide
expansion of the EPI Technology and Brand. EPI Philippines is a team of seasoned business
leaders and entrepreneurs. They possess an abundance of very high-level contacts throughout
The Philippines and bring decades of business and entrepreneurial experience.” EPI Executive Leadership.

About Energy Performance International Inc:

Energy Performance International Inc.™ is a leader in providing energy efficiency
improvements across its international customer base. The EPI proprietary technology lowers
electricity costs by 15% - 30% with typical Returns on Investment (ROI) of 12 – 24 Months. The
technology also prevents coil corrosion, extends unit life by many years and reduces carbon
emissions. Energy Performance has been in business since 2007 and has been utilized on over
30,000 air conditioning units for many of the major HVAC manufacturers, the United States
Navy, Fortune 500 Companies, Universities, Hotels, Casinos and Government Agencies.
Energy Reduction Results:

  • MGM Grand Casino Las Vegas - 18%
  • State of California Franchise Tax Board - 28%
  • San Diego Community College District – 24%
  • San Diego Airport - 31%

EPI is scaling nationwide and internationally offering joint venture partnerships and licenses to
big thinking and fast moving entrepreneurs.

For more information visit or call 888-717-7895.