Energy Performance International - Los Angeles Announces Contract with Fox Studios


Energy Performance International - Los Angeles has recently completed Phase 1 deployment of EPI Technology at Fox Studios in Los Angeles, CA.

EPI-LA Managing Partner Louis Todaro commented, “We applied our EnergyCor™ corrosion resistant coating to all of the brand-new units that were just purchased for Building #54 on the Fox Studios lot. EnergyCor™ will assist in the prevention of coil corrosion, which is a significant problem for Fox, as well as maintain the high level of brand-new efficiency for a much longer time and extend the unit life expectancy.”

The new Carrier units were shipped directly from the manufacturer to Energy Performance International’s coating facility in Houston, Texas where they were coated and then shipped to the Fox Studios lot for installation. Energy Performance International Inc.™ is a leader in providing energy efficiency improvements across its international customer base. The EPI technology prevents coil corrosion, extends unit life, and reduces carbon emissions. The EPI proprietary technology lowers electricity costs by 15% - 30%, with an average return on investment of 12 – 24 months.

Energy Performance International Inc.™ has worked with the United States Navy, government agencies, universities, hotels, casinos, and other Fortune 500 companies.

For more information visit or contact Louis Todaro at 1-201-595-9941