EPI Announces Oklahoma Partnership

Energy Performance International Inc. announces partnership with Mr. Dan Richardson who has opened Energy Performance International - Oklahoma LLC.

Energy Performance International Inc. is a leader in providing efficient energy improvements to its commercial air conditioning clients. EPI clients in California, Nevada, Texas and Washington have experienced reductions in energy consumption of 15 - 35% with typical Returns on Investment of only 10 – 18 Months. EPI’s technology is a proprietary dual part coating system that drastically improves efficiency and prevents coil corrosion. EPI has been in business since 2007 and has performed over 10,000 jobs.

“We are pleased to have Mr. Richardson join the EPI family. We are excited to work hand in hand with Dan to expand our EPI Technology throughout the State of Oklahoma. We already have many large Oklahoma based customers that we are working with”, said EPI President Ralph Giannella.

Recently, EPI has had energy-saving results of 44.25% at University of Nevada Las Vegas, 44.19% at MGM Grand Casino Las Vegas, 28.74% at the State of California Franchise Tax Board, 40.35% at California Department of Transportation and 31.08% at the San Diego Airport.

EPI is expanding nationwide and internationally. For interested entrepreneurs, EPI is currently offering joint venture partnership structures throughout the U.S. and will soon be licensed to offer Franchise opportunities. Internationally, EPI is currently in negotiations with potential partners in China, Australia and New Zealand.

For more information visit www.energypi.org or call 888-717-7895.