I am writing to recommend the services of Energy Performance International™. They have performed multiple projects for us, which consist of coating coils on our admin buildings and condenser coil coating for our chillers on our gymnasium, as well as fan and housing coating for our laboratory fresh air make up systems. The Rice facility team has always been completely satisfied. EPI does an excellent job. Their coatings and services have exceeded our expectations and have helped us reduce energy costs significantly. I am pleased to recommend the services of Energy Performance International™.
— John Gomez, Rice University Facilities

“EPI has been very professional, courteous and helpful throughout the process and has offered the benefit of their years of experience with both products and processes to enhance the performance of our HVAC systems. I am pleased to recommend the services of EPI. Please contact me if you have any questions.”
— Don Land, Registered Professional Engineer, UNLV

University Nevada

Las Vegas


Several months ago I was approached by EPI regarding a dual coating process they developed to reduce kWh usage for HVAC units and block thermal heat on the cabinets. We proceeded to do a test at a medical building site in Houston, and the results certainly far exceeded our expectations, as they achieved a 35% reduction in kWh usage. The numbers were truly impressive and will have a significant positive impact on reducing our cooling costs. We have since decided to proceed forward with a phase-in plan for all our buildings.
— Timothy O’Brien, HCP Director of Property Management

EPI implemented their coating process on all of our units. 60 days after the project was completed, we compared our power bills from the same month of the previous year. We discovered a 20% savings on our total power bill, which equals a 40% savings on our cooling cost (due to cooling only be 50% of our total power cost). We highly recommend EPI.
— John Mayes, Texas El Toro Restaurant Chain Director of Operations